we   never   overload   servers

We have high-end servers, a low number of customers per server, and 50% less fat, for guaranteed speed.

absolutely   no   outsourced   support

We don't just hire a couple of customer support reps from the other side of the world that we don't even know, who know nothing about ColorHost. Our team knows us, and they know how to help you.

we   donít   have   any   gimmicks

No hidden fees, no automatic charges, no misleading information. We pride ourselves in not being one of those companies who tricks people into giving us more of their money.

About ColorHost

We at ColorHost think it's important to gather as much information as possible on your new provider, we included as much information as possible about us on this page.

ColorHost is a full hosting service provider with a solid foundation. With over 5 years experience, it's safe to say that our clients know our products and believe in them!

Our Goal Since our establishment in May 2009, we have had one goal in mind - to bring the web hosting prices cheap. We offer web hosting services that will meet the needs and wants of both new webmasters as well as veteran webmasters. We understand the need for reliability without putting a big hole in your wallet; this is why, ColorHost provides some of the most competitive prices in the industry while providing stability and proven reliability.

ColorHost has grown steadily since 2009 and gained valuable experience over the years. We have always kept our servers up to date with the newest technology and in most cases have introduced the newest technology ahead of other providers. Today, ColorHost is a leader in its field providing individuals and businesses a presence in the digital world.

Servers and Network: Our servers are kept up to date with latest PHP, MySQL, Perl, FTP & other server softwares and all have 12 GB of ram and run a quad core processors (virtually 16 cores). All servers also come with an unmetered connection to allow for continuous transfer of data so that your website will always be accessible. Our datacenter location is Phoenix,Arizona.

In addition, all of our hosting packages come with cPanel/WHM, Softaculous, RvSkin, DDOS protection.

No Overloaded Server: High-end servers, low number of customers per server, and 50% less fat.

Our current hosting philosophy is based on guaranteed performance. While other hosts may try to cram as many accounts as possible on shared servers, we have used our years of experience and the technical analysis performed by our technical gurus to determine exactly how many accounts we should be putting on any given server. In addition, we are continually upgrading our hardware platforms to be among the best in the industry.

No Outsourced Support: Our team knows us, knows web hosting and knows how to help you.

Yes, outsourcing support can save a lot of money. But nothing is more infuriating for a customer than dealing with a support technician that doesn't understand the problem or has a failure to communicate. We are proud to say that in our five years of doing business, we have grown a great team of dedicated staff members, all as in-house employees. Each is fully trained to know our company and services inside and out, fluent in English and has excellent people skills.

No Gimmicks: This one is pretty simple. We have no hidden fees. We don't sell our services on gimmicks, trendy offerings or misleading information. We pride ourselves on offering no-nonsense high-quality web hosting with unique features you won't find anywhere else.

You will receive all the features you pay for, and they will all work. The amount you see on your invoice will be the amount you will be billed. When you sign up, you can keep paying that price as long as you are a ColorHost customer.